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Thank you for requesting my eBook

"How to Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page"!

It is my goal to get you out of the cycle of buying/downloading everything that comes along, instead develope the skillset to know just what you need and when you need it.

I will not fill your inbox with affiliate links and pushy, you-gotta-get-this-now autoresponder messages.


Besides the eBook you want,

  • in one of my e-mails, there will be a link to writing Killer Titles that will hook the 'surfer' ... it is known that we typically have 3-5 seconds to do this ... this article is fantastic, if I do say so myself ...
  • and in a later e-mail, there will be a link to another eBook helping you to write copy that sells ... whether you want sign-ups or dollars - this stuff works ... I wish I had written it, but why re-invent the wheel!!!

Think like a marketer ..... instead of a mark!

So, the choice is yours ... I will gladly give you the free eBook
"How to Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page" if you fill in the form below ...


Now for my version of a One Time Offer ...


I'll still give you: 

  • your free eBook "How to Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page" ... (it's part of my IM eCourse) ...
  • a Free Lifetime Membership to All The Tools & Resources You Need To Succeed and
  • my Internet Marketing eCourse!


And Free still means FREE, put away your credit card!

Included in this O.T.O. are:

  • 100% Ready To Use Tools!
  • Free Lifetime Membership
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Free Training & Support
  • Get Credits For Free Advertising
  • Autoresponder
  • Ad & Link Tracker
  • URL Rotator
  • Online Training & Conferences (this mentoring is the BEST 'coaching')
  • Capture Page
  • SEO Enhancement
  • Lead Generation System
  • Game Site
  • Several Additional eBooks, including "Identify & Achieve" a goal setting WORKbook with WORKsheets (yes, I used the forbidden 'work' word)

The choice here should be sign up or leave ...


But not me!


If you would like:

  • the free eBook, plus
  • the Free IM eCourse, plus
  • all the free tools;

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Then Fill in the form at the bottom of that page ...

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So Here is Where I Put the Really Small Fine Print - if I was a 'Hype Guru"


If you wonder why it's all Free, right click here and open in another tab or window.


I will never share, sell or give away your information ... we all have a limited amount of time, and I promise not to waste yours or mine!

Whatever You Decide,   Good Luck and See You At The Top!


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